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Nebraska Law TV is a video driven website that features quality video content produced by some of the best attorneys in the state discussing legal issues of interest to consumers and businesses.

Topics are often reflective of commonly asked legal questions and provide helpful insights and answers. The legal website also includes an attorney directory, legal glossary and both local and national blog feeds. Some of the key topic areas and attorney types are personal injury attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, divorce and family law attorneys, bankruptcy law attorneys, disability law attorneys, business attorneys, real estate attorneys, estate planning attorneys and workers’ compensation attorneys.

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Trend Detected: Feds, Law Firms Pelt the Crypto Industry With Securities Litigation

This article features litigation insight from ALM’s new Trend Detection system. This proprietary system uncovers shifts and patterns in case filings using advanced data analysis and expert curation. Trend Detection is included with Law.com Radar as part of a Law.com subscription.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Observers Agree 'the Swinging Pendulum' of Title IX Presents Challenges for All Sides

“I believe that there is going to be another wave of litigation,” said attorney Laura L. Dunn. “I don’t think that this current administration has thought through all the implications of having such specific regulations. The Trump administration firmly grabbed the wheel and shifted it one direction, and unfortunately, the same thing is now being […]

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of 13-Year-Old Boy Who Died After Receiving Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Noah Foley was 11 years old when he received the Gardasil shot in May 2018. He had a clean bill of health until two weeks after receiving the vaccine, when he experienced inflammation in the lymph nodes and an abnormal white blood cell count, according to the complaint.         Click Here To Read The Full […]

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